Zero Tolerance

The San Diego Unified School District is making an effort to reaffirm its stance on replica guns. Possession of a replica gun such as a pellet, airsoft, paintball or BB gun is a violation of the district's Zero Tolerance policy. These items are not allowed on our campus. Students in possession of these weapons will be automatically suspended for five days and recommended for expulsion under the Zero Tolerance Policy. There is a very real risk of someone being injured by one of these guns being fired intentionally or accidentally. However, there is also the danger of a police officer reacting to seeing an inpidual with the toy gun and reacting to someone they believe to be armed and a danger to others. Do not bring replica weapons to school. You risk too much by violating this district rule.

To see a complete review of SDUSD Zero Tolerance for Weapons, Drugs, and Violence click here.

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